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Adana Pastry

The legendary adana prepared with care, with the smell of our pastry, all the diets. The tinkling in the ears is enough to relieve your appetite. This flavor that satisfies both the eyes and stomachs is one of the best quality pastries of the island.

Pastry Rolls

Our pastry pie is a kind of pie made with yufka. Inner ingredients consist of cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, parsley and pepper. Each material is chopped into thin or small pieces. This inner material is put into the dough and wrapped in the dough as in the pastry.

Home Ravioli

Our ravioli is a dish made by placing the minced meat, which is diversified with various spices, into small dough pieces and boiling these dough pieces in water. We produce our home ravioli completely and keep them in clean and sterile environments.

Water Pastry

At the moment when the yufkalar meets İncecik cheese, the taste of the water rolls takes your mind. This flavor, which melts the cheese as well as the hearts, melts all around and is preferred with hot tea at every meal.

Tray Pastry

Pastry with cheese is one of the indispensable flavors of tea time. Cheese tray pastry which is the number one catering food of all kinds of invitations and meetings is one of the rare recipes consumed by everyone from seven to seventy. The fact that it can be prepared with almost any kind of cheese is another point that makes it preferable.


Yufka or sheet bread baklava is obtained by lightly baking the dough dough used for making pastry until it barks on the hair. The most important feature of the dough bread is its durability. Our pastry is always fresh and delicious, but it is also affordable.

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