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Beginning in 1995, our master adventure of ilhan until today is always due to our quality, honest and appropriate. İlhan Usta opens his counter during the hours when many people are asleep and prepares and bakes the pastries. Those who want to eat crunchy pastries are going to sleep. But nobody complains about this. While İlhan Usta cooks the pastry trays he prepares his ingredients from the night before and performs his work; those who want to taste this flavor in the early morning hours in front of the counter creates density.


Our aim is always to give our customers the same taste, same quality and same taste. We have not broken our quality line since 25 years.


One of the biggest reasons why our customers prefer us is that our fresh and delicious pastries are always hot and crispy.


As every beauty has a price, our pies also have a price, but don’t worry, we always aim for the best prices for you.
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